Project Overview
Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to work closely with UCLA Football to create graphics on a weekly basis.
Some of my tasks include:
- Create graphics tailored towards specific individual recruits
- Create templates, graphics, and mockups for use across print and digital platforms
- Create 'Wallpaper Wednesday' graphics for social media
- Create magazine layout designs, mailers, brochures, etc.
Some of the graphics I have created are featured below.
Hope you enjoy!


Social Media / Wallpaper Graphics
These wallpapers were created with individual athletes in mind and also were meant to hype up fans of the team.

Generic Recruit Graphics/Templates
The goal of these graphics was to create something that could easily be edited and manipulated. Furthermore, anything from player names, images, numbers, etc. could easily be swapped in and out with no problem.

Player Specific Content
These graphics were created with the individual player(s) in mind and generally would feature something that would pique the interest of that specific athlete and could also be put on social media.
Jersey Swaps
Jersey swapping was something that I had never done before heading into this, so it was cool to pick up a new skill. These graphics were sent to recruits to help give them a visual of what it would look like to don the blue and yellow.
Player Interaction
Below are some of the times that I saw a recruit sharing a graphic that I had either made or put together some sort of template for (which is always a cool thing to see.)
Project Summary
Working in college sports, even remotely, has been an awesome experience. It has opened up my eyes to a side of design that I had otherwise never experienced before, and it has taught me plenty of skills and lessons along the way.
Thank you so much to UCLA for giving me the opportunity to create awesome content. I look forward to creating even more going forward.

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